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Remember the "good old days, when you could have a phone conversation with someone, and the conversation was smooth - with no lag - and you didn't talk on top of each other? 

If you're a serious company that demands quality phone conversations - we can do that for you.

There are two basic phone systems which companies use.

Onsite PBX

Offsite Cloud Based PBX

Know the difference before you decide.

Onsite PBX Phone System

Non Hosted. You own the PBX. It's on-site. You control the quality. You pay more initially - but the cost is worth it because the quality of the communications is what your business demands. You own the equipment, so there's a higher up-front cost, but the system equals out over a 24 month time frame. With onsite PBX you'll never complain about lag-time, dropped calls, or two people talking on top of each other during an important conversation. Value is not about how much something costs, value is found in a quality product that gives you the high quality you demand for your business.

Available in Analog, Digital, and VoiP.

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Hosted VoiP. Hosted is a cloud service where the PBX is in the cloud and is a shared service. It operates similar to your cell phone except it is reliant on your internet bandwidth. It's feature rich, is less expensive, is subscription based (per phone), you don't own the equipment, and it's a less expensive option. Value is not about how much something costs, value is found in the satisfaction of a product that does what it's supposed to do - when you need it most.  

Cloud Based PBX Phone System 

ProCom has been a Panasonic "Preferred Dealer" for more than thirty years.

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