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For over 30 years - ProCom has done business in metro Portland with more than a thousand businesses, and our Cabling Systems is where we get the majority of our repeat customers.  They buy from us, and have us service their cable needs through the years.

Did you know that network (ether) cables wear out?


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Like Solar Panels and Computer Chips - Network Cables wear out over a period of time. There are only so many electrons inside the cable that can be used as a data signal, and over time they wear from the inside-out, with data loss and slower transmission signal. They seem to have an optimal life of about ten years. When your network seems to be slowing down, one of the first and least expensive things to do is replace the old used cables.

ProCom is known locally for its Cable Pulling Pros. We do a lot of business - with repeat customers - because we've been around for a while, and our customers have come to rely on our quality and timely service. While we're often busy - we're not too busy to seek out new customers and press forward for another thirty years of satisfied customers. 

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This video is not produced by ProCom - but this fellow does an excellent job in describing cables if you need clarification on the latest options.

We're just a phone call away - for that elusive question.

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